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At this time, you are not eligible for UC San Diego's investigational injectable PrEP research study. To support you on your sexual health journey, we have included local PrEP resources for your consideration.

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Military Active Duty

Financial Assistance

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Thanks for taking our study eligibility quiz!


If you have HMO:

HMOs are managed care health plans that are referral based through your Primary Care Provider. Schedule an appointment with your assigned PCP and express interest in taking PrEP for HIV prevention. If your doctor does not treat patients for PrEP, ask to be referred to a PrEP provider.

Kaiser HMO: 
Kaiser is a PrEP-AP enrollment site for their patients. If you are interested in enrolling in PrEP-AP, ask to speak to a social worker for PrEP-AP when you schedule an appointment with Kaiser.

Sharp Rees-Stealy HMO, Sharp Community HMO, Scripps HMO, or HMO with another medical group:

If your medical group is not affiliated with a PrEP-AP enrollment site, you may enroll into PrEP-AP at the following sites*:

San Ysidro Health

P: 619-662-4161

Family Health Centers

P: 619-876-4462

*You will visit these sites for PrEP-AP enrollment only. PrEP care will be with your PrEP provider.

MediCal HMOs (e.g. BlueShield Promise, Community Health Group, Molina):

Medi-Cal covers the cost of PrEP.** Schedule an appointment with your PCP and follow the instructions for HMO plans.

**Authorization for the referral will depend on your medical group and insurance.


If you have PPO:

PPOs are non-managed care plans; therefore, you do not need a referral from your Primary Care Provider.​ You can call the following clinics*** to schedule a PrEP intake visit.

UCSD Owen Clinic

P: 619-543-3995


AHF Healthcare Center

P: 619-516-8931


***These clinics also serve as PrEP-AP enrollment sites. If you need payment assistance and make an annual income of <$64,000, contact these clinics and let them know you'd like to talk to a PrEP navigator about PrEP-AP enrollment.


If you are Military Active Duty:

Good news! TRICARE covers the cost of PrEP! Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider and express interest in PrEP. Your PCP will refer you to an in-network PrEP provider.


If you need financial assistance:

PrEP-AP is the State of California's assistance program that helps cover medical costs related to getting PrEP for the prevention of HIV. You may need assistance if you do not have insurance or if your private health plan has a high out-of-pocket cost.

You may be eligible if you:

  • are a California resident

  • are aged 18 or over

  • are HIV negative

  • have a modified adjusted gross income of $67,950 or less for a household of one, or $91,550 or less for a household of two

  • are not fully covered by Medi-Cal or other third-party payers

  • are enrolled in one of Gilead's assistance program (if eligible)

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