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Getting tested for STIs can be intimidating, and spark a lot of questions and feelings. We're here to prep you in 3 easy steps, so you feel ready for your first (or next!) sexual health check-up. Let's go. 👇🏽

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1) Pre-screening 

When you call into Good to Go for an appointment or book an appointment online, we will conduct a pre-screening with you to determine your eligibility in our program, as well as which STI and/or HIV test will be right for you. 


Sample pre-screening questions include:

  • Are you over/under 18 years of age?

  • Are you a resident of San Diego, or can you commit to follow-up visits if you test positive for an STI? 

  • Why do you think you might need a sexual health check-up?

The purpose of these questions is to assess any risks you might have, as well as determine the best follow-up treatment and services for you. 

If you are deemed eligible to receive testing at Good to Go, you will be able to schedule an appointment over the phone or via our online appointment calendar. If you're not eligible, we will connect you with another local sexual health clinic that best suits your needs (based on what we learn in your pre-screening.)

2) Your in-person appointment 

When you arrive at Good to Go, give us a call to let us know you're here. Masks are required for entry into our clinic, as well as throughout your appointment. Please note: COVID-19 precautions are subject to change pending County and/or state directives.

Before your appointment, we will have you sit with one of our testers in a private, soundproof exam room to check your eligibility for PrEP medication. (Pro tip: This is a great time to ask any questions you might about about STIs, HIV, PrEP, prevention and treatment options.)


Then, you will be guided to our gender-inclusive restroom to collect your sample via fingerstick, swab, urine or blood draw.


Each sample collection is quick, relatively painless (think: quick pinch from a blood draw level of pain), and can be done at your own speed and comfort level. 


3) Get your results

At Good to Go, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver fast results so you can have fast peace of mind. 

Generally, this is how long each test result takes,  and how we share them with you:

  • HIV Rapid Test: 60 seconds, shared in-person

  • Chlamydia: 3 hours later via text/email

  • Gonorrhea: 3 hours later via text/email

  • Syphilis: 1-5 business days via text/email

  • HIV Early Test: 2 weeks via web

  • Hepatitis B: 2 weeks via web

  • Hepatitis C: 2 weeks via web

If any of your tests come back positive, don't worry: we can provide free treatment or connect you with a provider for treatment – whichever you prefer. We also offer Partner Services to anonymously notify partners of positive STI and/or HIV results. All you have to do is ask your Good to Go STI treatment coordinator to connect you with Partner Services and they’ll take care of the rest. 

And that's it! You're good to go (pun totally intended).

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